• Emergency Kits made for students


Schools and educational institutions carry a large responsibility in caring for our children and a major part of that responsibility is to be prepared for emergencies and disasters. Unfortunately in recent years the number of classroom lockdowns have increased and schools find an increasing need to store life saving supplies not only in central locations, but also inside individual classrooms to use when access to outside is limited or not possible.

Schools throughout the country need to be prepared for natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes and flooding as well as man-made events that could take place at any given moment and without giving advance warning for preparation time.

Depending on the requirements and amenities, School Emergency Supplies can be stored using different methods:

  • store bulk supplies in central locations
  • store ready-made emergency kits in central locations
  • store ready-made emergency kits in each classroom
  • store a combination of bulk supplies in a central location and
    ready-made emergency kits inside each classroom

We have assembled an assortment of school and student emergency kits that is designed to provide you with the highest quality disaster supplies to ensure your students and faculty have potentially life saving supplies during and after a natural disaster or classroom lock down situation.

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