School Emergency Kit Program:

Parents can order the emergency kits your school specifies from us:

Often times parents do not know where to go to get the emergency kits and supplies their children need to be prepared at school.
That is where we come in by providing the emergency kits and supplies for your school and your students.

Because we are the manufacturer of all of our emergency kits, we can assemble ready-made emergency kits to your schools specifications. This means that parents can be directed to our website and then select the emergency kit that was specifically designed for use at your school.

How does it work?

  1. your school administration works with us to specify the different types of kits to offer
  2. we agree on a fixed price structure for those kits
  3. your school provides parents with a link to our website where they can order the kits
  4. we assemble and ship the emergency kits either to the parents or directly to your school, identified with the student's name
  5. emergency kits are stored inside the classroom or in a central location, depending on your internal requirements

What types of emergency kits are available?

We have the ability to assemble emergency kits to your specifications with items and components we carry in our large assortment of products.

Most commonly these emergency kits include:

  • emergency food ration (Our food rations taste good!)
  • emergency drinking water
  • mylar emergency blanket for warmth
  • first aid supplies
  • light source such as a flash light or glow light stick
  • rain poncho
  • and various options for sanitary items

Packing options for the emergency kits are:

  • transparent plastic bag with name tag
  • cardboard boxes which are easily stackable
  • small cooler style carry bag
  • backpack
  • plastic buckets and containers for larger emergency kits

How to get started:

Getting started is easy!
Simply contact us to discuss your emergency preparedness project with one of our knowledgable sales team members.

If you already have specific emergency kit requirements, then please share them with us.

If you are starting from scratch then please allow us to make suggestions and guide you along the way to ensure you get the emergency preparedness kits that fit your and your students needs.

Custom made Emergency Kits:

And please remember:

We are the manufacturer, we can also customize our ready-made standard Emergency Preparedness Kits to meet your needs.

For example:

  • replace the flashlights with glow sticks
  • add sanitary items, soap, toothpaste and brush
  • include playing cards to keep students busy (item selection should be age appropriate)
  • add or remove first aid kits
  • include more or less food and water rations
  • include your emergency procedure information materials with each kit
  • and more

If you need customized kits, then please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

sorting or emergency kit contents
packing of emergency kit contents in backpacks
basic emergency kit for students in cardboard box
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emergency kit contents packed in red duffle bags