The Problem with Emergency Kits made by Parents:

We see it year after year. It is back to school time and one of the first homework tasks students get is to prepare an emergency kit to bring back to school. While some schools provide listings for emergency kit contents, most schools do not provide details on where to obtain these items.

And that is usually the time when our phones start ringing with -often frustrated- parents on the line, desperately trying to figure out what type of supplies they need to include and where to get them.

Parents with computer skills, internet access and the knowledge how to use search engines have a greater chance of doing the necessary research to find the emergency supplies they need for their children, while parents and students without internet access often get left behind and end up bringing a plastic bag with a bottle of water and some chocolate bars inside. Those 'emergency kits' can barely be called that and are merely lunch snacks, often times filled with products of limited shelf life or products that melt in the sun, etc.

Properly storing these home made kits now poses a challenge for the teachers because every kit is different in size, shape, type of packing and has different contents. Each kit needs to be labelled with name tags to ensure each student receives their emergency kit during an event so that a bag that contains a product with peanuts does not get into the hands of a child with a peanut allergy.

The result is a difficult process for teachers to store and maintain these kits on site, along with a substantial time delay in handing the right emergency kit to the right student during and after an emergency situation.

To eliminate these problems we have designed a variety of uniform emergency and disaster preparedness kits that offer the following advantages:

  • uniform emergency kit size
  • uniform packing (available are stackable cardboard boxes, clear poly bags, mesh netting bags, back packs, small commuter bags and more)
  • uniform contents ensure every kit is identical and everyone knows what is inside
  • fast distribution during emergencies, no need to read name tags on each kit
  • long shelf life kit contents, 5 years on food and water
  • kit contents that withstand cold and hot temperatures
  • tasty food bars food that are free of peanut or meat products (allergy safe)
  • uniform kit contents can be used for educational purposes to teach the students about preparedness

If you want to simplify your emergency preparedness project and avoid the annual hassle of communicating with parents and repeatedly reminding them to get the emergency kits for their children, then please take a look at our assortment of products or contact us with your custom school emergency kit requirements.

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