Blue Can Canned Drinking Water 50 year shelf life

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Blue Can Canned Drinking Water 50 year shelf life

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50 year Canned Emergency Drinking Water - 12 ounce

Canned in easy to use soda style aluminum cans, our 50 year shelf life canned drinking water is easy to dispense, carry and use during and after an emergency.

No can openers are needed. Just open the pull tab and drink to hydrate your body with life saving clean purified water. Any child can use these cans.

What makes our 50 year shelf life canned water different and special?

Use of Purified Filtered Water:

The process starts with already safe to drink municipal water that is treated further by being purified, sterilized and pasteurized to remove any chemicals or particles using a 12 step multi-stage filtration process. Included in the process are active-charcoal filters, dual-reverse osmosis high pressure, six stage micron traps, two sterilizers equipped with high intensity UV light, an active PH balance unit and a final pass through a high pressure active charcoal micro filter.

We use Cans that are Plastic Free:

Once the water has been purified to less than 1 ppm we retain that purity by immediately pressure sealing it in our blue cans. Once inside the can the pure water is shielded from sunlight which contains UV light that causes ordinary plastic bottles to deteriorate and leaking of toxic plastic chemicals into the water for potential consumption by you.

The Safe Water choice for short and long term storage:

Because of the purity of our water combined with the most user friendly packing method, our canned water with 50 year shelf life is the preferred solution for water storage for families, hospitals, agencies, businesses and organizations.

Eco friendly process and materials:

Our manufacturing and packing process is eco friendly and geared towards utilizing recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible:

  • aluminum cans instead of plastic bottles

  • cardboard packing tray carries 24 cans

  • no poly plastic wrap used, we use cotton string to band the cases environmentally friendly

  • BPA FREE Water

Our Canned Water will stay fresh for decades, because our aluminum cans protect the contents from UV light and other environmental factors. So you can count on having safe and clean water when you need it.

Canned Drinking Water Info:

  • 12 oz of water per can

  • 24 cans per case

  • 2.25 gallons of water per case

  • purified through micro filtration, reverse osmosis, UV light treatment to eliminate bacteria


  • all materials used for packing can be recycled

  • easy to store anywhere at home, fits under the bed too

  • can be stacked higher compared to plastic bottles which saves storage space!

  • made in USA

  • canned in Southern California under strict regulations and permits