Canned Drinking Water 30 year shelf life

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30 year Canned Emergency Drinking Water - 42 ounce

Purified Canned Emergency Drinking Water with a 30 year shelf life has become the new disaster preparedness choice for governmental agencies, schools, hospitals, public institutions as well as families and businesses that need quick access to large volumes of water.

Each can of water has been processed using the same initial stringent specifications approved by the food manufacturing industry including the U.S. Military yet more steps have been added for product quality improvement.

Advantages of canned water:

  • Cans are structurally sturdy and stack extremely well

  • Cans resist heat

  • Storage at 120F to 130F (45 to 55C) is possible

  • Cans are environmentally friendly

  • BPA free product

  • Cans resist rodents

  • Long 30 year shelf life requires no replacement or keeping track of expiration dates

What makes our 30 year shelf life canned water different and special?
This canned emergency drinking water is made using water processing through multiple micro filtrations and ultraviolet and ozone infusion to provide the purest form of safe and clean drinking water.

  • 30 years shelf life and longer

  • the sturdy steel cans that resist crushing

  • can be stacked higher compared to plastic bottles which saves storage space!

  • air tight sealed


  • 42 oz (1.24 liters) per can

  • 6 cans to a case

  • can opener included with every order

  • weight per case: 21 lbs

Especially during and after emergencies it is important to have safe and clean drinking water on hand and AlkaPower Canned Drinking Water is specifically designed to hydrate your body.