Datrex Emergency Food Bar Ration

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Datrex Emergency Food Bar Ration

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Datrex 2400 Calorie Emergency Food Bar

After testing and reviewing food bars from several manufacturers we came to the conclusion that DATREX food rations are the best on the market and that is why we exclusively use DATREX 2400 calorie food bars in our emergency and disaster survival kits.

Unlike food bars from other manufacturers that come with only 6 unwrapped portions, the DATREX 2400 Calorie food bar contains 12 separately wrapped rations with 200 calories each. Even after opening the outer wrapper, each ration remains sanitary and clean until the time of consumption.

In addition, Datrex Food Bars offer:

  • non-thirst-provoking ingredients

  • 5 year shelf life

  • store between -22F to 149F

  • contains 100% of most daily recommended vitamins and minerals

  • great and pleasant cookie flavor and texture

  • 100,000kj / 2400kcal per food bar

  • each food bar contains 12 individually wrapped 800 calorie rations

  • high energy value

  • all natural ingredients

  • no preservatives

  • made in USA

  • made at a dedicated facility to prevent cross contamination with other food items

  • does not contain peanuts for allergy safety

  • can be considered kosher manufacturing

Each case contains 30 (thirty) 2400 calorie food bars with 12 individual rations each for a total of 360 individual 200 calorie rations. 72000 calories total.

One case of 30 food bars can sustain 30 people for 3 days or 1 person for 90 days.