Datrex Emergency Water Pouches

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Datrex Emergency Water Pouches

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Datrex Emergency Drinking Water Pouches

Did you know that you can NOT store regular drinking water in clear plastic bottles for very long? Bacteria and air inside the bottles can cause spoiling and experts recommend replacing them every 6 months. Your emergency water supply might be spoiled when you need it most.

The emergency drinking water we provide has been purified and is packed in specially sealed non-transparent containers and pouches to remain fresh. Our Emergency Food and Emergency Water comes with a 5 year shelf life and is US Coast Guard approved.

Datrex Emergency Drinking Water Info:

  • made in USA

  • 5 year shelf life

  • purified drinking water for immediate use

  • refreshing taste

  • no Calories

  • no Chlorine

  • clear in Color

  • packaged in convenient sachet sizes

  • superior packaging material used for optimum sachet durability

  • Our convenient soft-pouch sachets are freeze-proof

  • 4.225 fl oz (125ml) per sachet

  • 64 water pouches per carton

Each case contains 64 individual water sachets with 4.227 oz of water each.

Based on US Coast Guard and Homeland Security Department recommendations of a minimum water consumption of 2 pouches per person per day, one carton can sustain 10 people for 3 days.