Glow Light Stick 12 hour green

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Glow Light Sticks, 12 hour

Younger children as well as adults feel more secure and comfortable when there is some ambient light available. But during a larger scale emergency or disaster, such ambient light might no longer be available and that is where our 12 hour green Glow Light Sticks will be a welcomed item.
Glow Light Sticks are also much safer to use than candles which not only create are a Fire Hazard but also deplete oxygen and can cause explosions if there is a gas leak.

Our 6 inch green glow sticks provide a soft ambient light for up to 12 hours when you need it.

Glow Stick features are:

  • 12 hour light rated

  • green light

  • easy to use, remove from packing, bend to activate, shake and ready

  • non toxic, does not leak

  • non-flammable ingredients

  • remains cold, does not generate heat

  • each light stick has a hook on one end to hang where needed

  • made in USA

  • 4 or more years of shelf life

Additional uses for glow light sticks:

  • use at home during power outages, safer to use than candles, especially with children around

  • keep in the car to use at night for changing tire, etc.

  • include with your emergency preparedness and survival supplies

  • compact and lightweight to keep in purse

  • use during hiking, camping or field trips

  • will not spark wildfires

  • use as signalling device