12 person student emergency kit

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12 Person 24 hour - Shelter in Place Kit

This shelter-in-place kit was designed using US Government recommendations for food, water and safety supplies to shelter in place for 24 hours. It is ideal for office use, in warehouses, classrooms or to provide food and shelter during disaster relief efforts. This kit contains twice the recommended amount of drinking water.

This kit can sustain:

  • 12 people for 24 hours

  • 6 people for 48 hours

  • 4 people for 72 hours

All Emergency Supplies are packed in a conveniently sized red 4 gallon plastic container with easy-off lid and carry handle. The container is 14x12x12 inches and can easily be stacked, allowing storage of large amounts of emergency supplies in compact spaces.

  • Kit Contents:

  • 4 - 2400 calorie Datrex Food Bars with pleasant cookie flavor.

  • 48 - Drinking Water Pouches

  • 12 - Emergency (space) blankets to retain body heat

  • 50 - water purification tablets

  • 6 - glow light sticks, green light, 12 hours light

  • 1 - 48 pc first aid kit

  • 1 - disposable gloves - 8 pack

  • 1 - emergency knife

  • 1 - leather work gloves

More Product Details and Use Suggestions:

  • Food Bar: Each food bar has a 5 year shelf life and divides into 12 rations. Consume one ration every 6 hours.

  • Drinking Water: The water has a 5 year shelf life. We include twice the recommended minimum amount of water in this kit.

  • Emergency Blanket: wrap person in foil blanket to retain body heat. Do not cover face with the blanket!

  • Glow Sticks: safe to use, provides ambient green light. Simply bend and shake.

  • Water Purification Tablets: use 2 tablets to treat 1 quart of water. Instructions included.

The food and water supplies in this kit are US Coast Guard approved to meet strict regulations and come with a 5-year shelf life from the date of manufacturing.