student emergency kit in soft bag

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1 Student Emergency Kit - Soft Bag

This 1 Person ECONOMY Survival Kit is designed to sustain one student for 3 days (72 hours) in the event of a disaster or emergency.
This student kit comes in a soft insulated soft padded nylon bag with carry strap and zippered top. It is a compact 9 x 6 x 6 inches which makes this kit great for carrying by students.
The carry-strap allows for easy carrying.
This emergency kit was designed to provide essential survival supplies to sustain 1 person for 72 hours during and after an emergency.


  • 1 – insulated carry bag

  • 6 - drinking water pouches 4.227oz. (125ml) each

  • 1 - 2400 Calorie Food Bar (divides into 3-day supply)

  • 1 - 48-piece first-aid-kit in sturdy plastic case

  • 1 - emergency blankets to stay warm

  • 1 - tissue paper 10-pack

  • 1 - emergency rain poncho

  • 1 - emergency whistle with string, shrill sound

  • 1 - flashlight with batteries

  • 2 - glow light sticks, 12 hours, green light

  • 1 - check list to help you prepare further

Additional Information:
The food and water supplies in this kit are US Coast Guard approved to meet strict regulations and come with a 5-year shelf life from the date of manufacturing.