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1 Student Emergency Kit - Economy

This 1 Person ECONOMY Survival Kit is designed to sustain one student for 3 days (72 hours) in the event of a disaster or emergency.
This Emergency Kit comes in a stackable box with carry handle so that each student can carry their own Survival Kit, eliminating the need to move large amounts of heavy supplies from a central location to the assembly point. Individual kits like this also eliminate the need to hand out various supplies to the students which would then have difficulties carrying them or trying to place them in their clothes pockets.
Many schools have integrated our kits into their emergency preparedness drills by requiring the students to take and carry their supply kit to the assembly point where they then receive educational lessons in how to properly use these supplies. The convenience of these kits allows their use as educational tool as well as a life saving survival kit.


  • 6 - drinking water pouches with 4.227 oz. each

  • 1 - 2400 Calorie Food Bar with 12 individually wrapped portions

  • 1 - 48-piece first-aid-kit in sturdy plastic case

  • 1 - rain poncho

  • 1 - emergency blanket to retain body heat

  • 1 - tissue-paper (10pcs)

  • 1 - flashlight - D-size with batteries

  • 1 - glow light stick, 12 hours, non toxic

Additional Information:
The food and water supplies in this kit are US Coast Guard approved to meet strict regulations and come with a 5-year shelf life from the date of manufacturing.